Introducing Maximizing Through Minimizing

Following on from our last post on beginning our house designing journey; organisation and layout is the next key building block to achieve this relaxed and fresh vibe that we’re striving for. Now, bearing in mind we don’t actually have a property rented, this will be just the basic principles we intend to apply to whatever house we choose. The idea is that our home can be a calm, clutter free space that’s easily maintained for two busy students, who would much rather relax with Netflix and wine at the end of the week than spend hours cleaning our home.

I suppose the beginning of this would be to introduce as little carpet as possible, from our last post entitled ‘Moving Into Our New Home’ we discussed how the aim is to have continuum of wooden flooring from room to room throughout the house. Not only does this achieve a consistent decor throughout, it also is considerably less maintenance. You can just hoover the entire house and not live in fear of spilling Chinese take-away or beer on the floor and be forced to live with a horrendous stain on your new flooring. I know this may seem anal to think about something so trivial, but its these details that make life so much easier and allow you more time to enjoy your home.

This is a perfect example of simple wooden flooring throughout, giving the house a feeling of calm and zen.
This clear and clutter free spaces creates a kitchen space that allows minimal effort in its upkeep
This continuous wooden flooring on the stairs through the hall allows for a continuous vibe and theme

Additionally, clearing off your counter tops, leaving only the essentials such as our much loved coffee machines (Yes, we own two), dish soap, ectera… When everything has an easy place to be stored away it will just leave the place looking instantly tidier and will leave your more used items more accessible.

This clutter free worktop with just the basics instantly make a home feel cleaner
Again, another example of a sleek finish that emulates an inviting space
Another variation of this concept; using chrome and stone to achieve the same effect

Storage is something everyone can have ample of regardless of how big or small their home is. We have moved three times in the last three years for college and each time we pack we accumulate more and more things. Moving away from the traditional shelving and chests that our parents opted for, finding furniture in your home that doubles up as storage will clear up floor space. Another option is to take advantage of wall space (Once its within reason, discreet and in keeping with your design). In doing this, you can achieve a cleaner, clearer room that doesn’t look cluttered and ‘busy’.

Hiding wires and cables instantly de-clutters any space & also gives them a designated space
Making the use of every space available to you; under bed storage is a favorite of mine
Utilizing wall space is an option, however make sure there isn’t excess space to hoard clutter

While I wont be discussing the details of how we plan to organize individual rooms (that will come as we progress through our house design journey) however, I will share some ideas we have that can be used universally throughout a house, from room to room. I have attached some images at the end here, basically in keeping with the title of ‘maximization through minimization’, making full use of every space to give the illusion of more capacity.

Example: ‘Lazy Susan’ to get the full and easy access of those deep cupboards
The use of stack able shelves to utilize the lost vertical space- using less cupboards& keeping everything together
Using storage bins that can be attached to cupboard doors ect to allow utilization of the free space. Using clear/wire baskets to visualize what’s inside to avoid over stocking

So there’s a taster of the sort of ideas we have for really maximizing through minimization. Before we move into this new house we will have to do a ‘stock check’ of sorts to ascertain exactly what we have and what we need (cue an IKEA visit!!). This is hopefully in an effort to only buy exactly what we need and minimize excessive clutter in our new home. Also by doing this we can organize our belongings into categories such as: kitchen utensils, laundry, ect… which will help us to visualize what we own and where is the most appropriate way to store it.

In our next blog post, we’ll go through ideas room by room, getting a bit more in-depth with ideas and concepts to create our ideal home. Undoubtedly, this will be ever evolving, but brainstorming will save us a lot of time when the time comes to begin decorating our new renal property- which is hopefully sooner rather than later.

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